United Methodist House at Chautauqua, a year-round retreat and renewal center



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  United Methodist House
  Box 115
  Chautauqua, New York 14722
  summer: 716-357-2055
  year-round: 716-357-4045
  or debbiecaruso99@gmail.com

Photo gallery

[View from Pratt Avenue by night]

Night view of the porch and front portion of the house, which date from 1888.

[Two conversations at one end of the porch]

Old friends meet every summer on the porch . . . and newcomers quickly become old friends.

[High five!]

New generations are among the summer season visitors at the House.

[On the brick walk in front of the House]

The location of United Methodist House puts it in the center of Chautauqua's action — the music, the art, the people.

[Smiles of greeting]

Karen Douds, the UM House hostess, welcomes visitors, including the occasional celebrity, such as Amor Towles, author of A Gentleman In Moscow.

[Young people scrubbing furniture]

Members of the Kenmore United Methodist Church youth group helped with pre-season cleanup, June 2010.

[Looking past congregation to front of chapel]

Everyone is welcome at the chapel service each Sunday morning during the summer season.

[Quartet in the chancel]

“Special music” at a Sunday chapel service.

[Chat on the porch, with Hurlbut Church pastor Carmen Perry]

Conversation starts after the chapel service on Sunday morning, and never really stops.

[Around the dinner table]

The office on the main level of the house can also serve as a dining room.

[A chat amid the wicker furniture]

Sharing memories and ideas on the UM House porch . . .

[Wrapped in blankets]

. . . and snuggling up on the same porch on a chilly evening.

[Around the huge table]

The week's residents get together for a Saturday night dinner on the porch.

[Crowded, some sitting, some standing]

The upper porch is used for conversation and sometimes mealtimes by week-long residents of the house.

[Chaplain's chat on the porch]

Cappuccino and conversation with chaplain Heather Stierheim on the porch, 2018.

[Mist along Pratt Avenue]

View from United Methodist House on a stormy early-summer day at Chautauqua.

[Four people around a card table]

If there's ever a pause in the Chautauqua program, the porch is a good place for games or puzzles.

[Fourth of July picnic on the porch, 2013]

Fourth of July picnic on the UM House porch, 2013.

[Posing around the punch bowl]

Groups from UM churches in New York and Pennsylvania host the Tuesday social hours.

[Kid on the chancel steps]

And a little child shall lead them . . . in the House's chapel.

[Five young people]

Leaders of Chautauqua's Abrahamic Program for Young Adults are frequent visitors.

[Ondicova at keyboard]

Pianist Magdalena Ondicova of Slovakia won a Chautauqua award in 2011 and performed at a UM House worship service.

[Guitar duo leads chapel worship]

Bill Ward and daughter Alice Ward provide the music for a chapel service.

[At the keyboard]

Music of a different kind: the Summer Strummers band at the House's annual meeting.

[Bright inside, dark through the windows]

In wet weather, conversations and group sessions can move from the porch to the parlor.

[More conversation]

It's a place for friends old and new.

[Silver teapot on a laden table]

Silverware once owned by Chautauqua co-founder Bishop John Heyl Vincent, now owned by the House, is brought out on very special occasions.

[Rocking chairs, food and smiles]

Nine generations later, the House's hospitality continues.

More photos of life at United Methodist House are welcome, especially pictures from the “retreat season” between September and June. Additional information about these pictures and names of the people shown would also be happily received. Please e-mail credmond@uwaterloo.ca.