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  United Methodist House
  Box 115
  Chautauqua, New York 14722
  summer: 716-357-2055
  year-round: 716-357-4045
  or debbiecaruso99@gmail.com

[Room 5 with green bedspreads]

Guest rooms

The United Methodist House has six twin-bedded rooms and one four-bed suite, some of which are available for rent each week during the Chautauqua summer season. (Rooms are also set aside for the chaplain of the week and for the host and hostess.)

Each room has a private bath, an air conditioner, a ceiling fan, a refrigerator and a microwave. Rooms do not have telephones or TV sets, for the sake of the quieter pace of life that Chautauqua offers. One of the rooms is fully handicapped-accessible.

Seasonal reservations for the following summer will be taken by phone (716-357-4045) beginning the first Monday of October at 9 a.m. Easteern time. An individual may make reservations for only one week.

View of the Wesley Suite Rental rates (unchanged since 2016) are $675 for the smaller Boehm Room, $775 for other double rooms, and $1,350 for the four-person suite (pictured, right). Deposits of $100 for the small room, $200 for the medium rooms and $300 for the suite, for seasonal rentals, are due by November 1. Full payment is expected by April 1. If no deposit has been received by November 1, the room will be considered available for another renter.

A week runs from Saturday to Saturday according to the Chautauqua season program. Summer check-in is after 3 p.m. on the Saturday of arrival. Check- out is by 10 a.m. on the following Saturday.

Outside the Chautauqua nine-week season, the house (which is fully heated) is available for rent for church retreats, family reunions and other events. Individual rooms are sometimes available during this period if the whole house is not booked. From Labor Day to May, the minimum two-night price for the full house is $600 for family groups, $425 for church groups. Day use, with no overnight rooms included, is priced at $100. Off-season rentals must be paid in full before use. Reservations may be made by calling the Hurlbut Memorial United Methodist Church at 716-357-4045. Check in and out during the off-season is arranged by the guest in consultation with the reservation secretary.

By regulation, only “members” of the United Methodist House are permitted to reserve and occupy rooms. The qualification for membership is a (tax-deductible) donation to the House at some time during the year.

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